• August 24-26, 2018

  • Phone: +7 (812) 339-32-88
  • E-mail: kids-expo@russ-expo.com


Be where your customers and partners will be!

You need to do the following to participate in the exhibition:

  • Download, read, and accept the general provisions of holding exhibitions, and the terms of the contract.
  • Fill in the Application & Contract for the participation in the exhibition, get it signed by the executive officer of your company, and e-mail it to the Exhibition Managerial Board.
  • Obtain the approval of the Exhibition Managerial Board as to area, type, and location of the exhibition booth planned
Светлана Полякова

Директор выставки

phone_in_talkТел.: +7 (812) 339-32-88 доб.0182

emailE-mail: s.polyakova@russ-expo.com

  • Download the Exhibitor Reference Guide
  • Fill in the necessary forms.
  • Send the complete forms to the addresses mentioned there.

Please fill in and send the electronic form to the Exhibition Managerial Board if you wish to get the information about your company published in the official guide catalogue of the exhibition.

The information about the participant shall be published in Russian and in English, the description of the company's business shall be no more than 600 characters in each language. The registration free includes the cost of publishing the information in the catalogue for the participants.

Advertising materials in the participant official catalogue

May 10, 2018 shall be the deadline for submitting materials

You are required to submit the following formats of advertising materials if you want to get them published in the official catalogue of the exhibition:

Requirements for a module are the following:

  • Trimming format 148 mm (width) x 210 mm (height) + 5 mm from each side.
  • Files in *.tif and *.eps formats
  • Fonts in curves.

Requirements for a Logo:

Logos shall be accepted in electronic format in curves and in the bitmap format: Adobe Illustrator, FreeHand, CDR (9th edition), as well as in ВМР and TIFF formats (full size, resolution of 300 dpi).