• August 24-26, 2018

  • Phone: +7 (812) 339-32-88
  • E-mail: kids-expo@russ-expo.com


Visiting Rules

  • All people, who accepted the Organizer's invitation to visit the Exhibition, and those registered as visitors or bought tickets in the booking office, shall agree with the given Regulations and take an obligation to follow them.
  • Professional visitors and individuals may enter the Exhibition.
  • A professional visitor shall be a business owner, a self-employed entrepreneur, an official, an executive officer, a manager, a specialist, or other representative of a specialized foreign or national company, a government body, an association or a union, who attends the Exhibition to achieve their business and professional objectives being defined by the topic of the Exhibition.
  • A printed electronic ticket with a bar code (a badge), not requiring to be changed again at the registration desks, shall be a basis for the admission to the Exhibition. In the absence of the badge, the admission shall be carried out according to the tickets bought in the booking office.
  • The electronic registration of the visitors shall be available 24 hours a day and shall be open till the end of the last working day of KIDSEXPO 2018.
  • The electronic ticket may be received beforehand after passing a registration procedure at the official website of the Exhibition.
  • The ticket may also be bought at the booking office near the entrance to the exhibition hall area.
  • It is required to fill in the registration form when exchanging the ticket bought at the booking office or an invitation ticket for a badge. The blank forms can be found on the tables near the registration desk.
  • Mass media representatives shall receive their badges after passing an accreditation procedure described in detail at the official website of the Exhibition in the "Media Center" section.
  • Children shall be admitted to the exhibition only if accompanied by parents or guardians.
  • Children under 14 shall not be admitted to the exhibition unless accompanied by parents or guardians.
  • Parents should not leave their children unattended during all their stay at the exhibition.
  • • Children's groups, children cared for in children's homes, and students of boarding schools shall be entitled to free entry to the Exhibition. The said persons shall be admitted to the exhibition only if accompanied by a teacher according to the list of their names. The list should be agreed upon with the Organizer within not later than five working days before the opening of the exhibition.
  • • Transfer or sale of electronic tickets and badges of visitors to third parties shall be prohibited. The Exhibition Organizer shall be entitled to check the compliance of the name in the badge with the name of the visitor. For this purpose the Organizer may require the visitor of the Exhibition to show their passport.
  • • The visitors shall not be allowed to trade, distribute any advertising and information materials, hold presentations, public shows, propaganda, and any other advertising events and actions within the exhibition area without the prior written consent of the Organizer.
  • • In case of non-compliance with these Rules the Exhibition Organizer shall be entitled to deny access to the Exhibition area to any person not following the Rules without any compensations for that, or to demand that such a person should leave the Exhibition area.