• August 24-26, 2018

  • Phone: +7 (812) 339-32-88
  • E-mail: kids-expo@russ-expo.com


Manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, major wholesale and retail buyers/vendors - these are companies operating within the industry of children's goods and services, which had been invited to KIDSEXPO International Exhibition that will enable its professional visitors:

  • to get a complete overview of a situation in the market;
  • to learn about the offers made by the leading Russian and foreign suppliers of goods/services and to make their choice among them;
  • to cover the largest professional audience from all industrial sectors, finding new customers and business partners among the companies from Russia and abroad;
  • to expand their dealer networks;
  • to open new prospects for their businesses defining the exact area of their interests.
  • significantly raise the level of sales;
  • to obtain the information about new goods, brands, and services;
  • to meet their business partners and to conclude new contracts on the terms, which would be the most beneficial to you.

Find yourself in the right place at the right time!

Entry to KIDSEXPO Exhibition will require an essential registration at the exhibition website and receiving a personalized electronic ticket giving a right for free entry..

KIDSEXPO is a unique opportunity for parents to communicate directly with manufacturers and vendors of the children's goods and services, with employees of educational centers, leading doctors, psychologists, and teachers.

Parents may actually compare cheap goods with those of premium class:

  • to do a test-drive of strollers, which cost 8,000 or 85,000 rubles, and decide whether they feel the difference or not;
  • to choose a bicycle, a scooter, or an electric automobile for their children;
  • to taste new kinds of infant food;
  • to try new goods for children's creativity, development games and construction kits;
  • to select the appropriate furniture, which transforms and "grows up" as a child grows;
  • to personally see the manufacturers' quality certificates for the displayed goods.

The children are going to enjoy a huge educational and entertainment program of events and interactive playgrounds. KIDSEXPO 2018 Exhibition invites dentists, orthopedists, pediatricians and speech therapists, which can offer consultations at the specialized booths and at the presentation areas. Pregnant women and young mothers will have a unique opportunity to get free consultations of leading obstetricians and pediatricians and to attend New Parents Academy.